We use 5 different 100% Arabica bean coffee, single origin from Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras & Rwandan

We rotate these single origin beans on a regular basis:

Colombia – Offers a full body flavour with dark chocolate and fruity notes, with distinct chocolaty aroma coming through with a beautiful dark finish

Ethiopia – Offers several citrus flavour notes with the sweetness of a naartjie as well as acidity of orange, with a distinct orange blossom aroma

Guatemala – Offers a clean taste with a medium body, mild acidity and a hint of chocolate in the finished flavour

Honduras – Offers the fragrance of rasins, with the sweet taste of dates and has a good well balanced body with a hint of grapefruit acidity

Rwanda – Offers a host of flavours from raw honey sweetness, with floral jasmine and honeysuckle undertones, with a dark chocolate finish all in one beautiful cup